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Top Scorer League Man of the Match League
1. IAN THOMPSONPortrack F.C12 1 Matches
2. JACK ROBINSONThornaby Village F.C9 1 Matches
3. BEN TURNERPortrack F.C7 Matches
4. BENJAMIN KERRYThornaby Oddfellows F.C7 Matches
5. RYAN WATSONNorton Red Lion F.C7 1 Matches
6. ANTON BUCHANThornaby Oddfellows F.C6 Matches
7. ARRON BROOKBANKSThornaby Oddfellows F.C6 Matches
8. HARRISON DAVIESThornaby Village F.C6 Matches
9. JAMES MCLEODBillingham The Station6 Matches
10. MATTHEW WATSONNorton Red Lion F.C6 1 Matches
11. BRADLEY MURRAYThornaby Oddfellows F.C5 Matches
12. JAMES WARDHardwick Social Club5 Matches
13. JOE CARTERHardwick Social Club5 Matches
14. CHRISTOPHER BURTONNorton George And Dragon4 1 Matches
15. CHRISTOPHER STOCKTONHardwick Social Club4 Matches
16. JAKE LARGEPortrack F.C4 Matches
17. STEPHEN BROOKBANKSThornaby Village F.C4 Matches
18. STEVEN PAUL PICKARDBillingham The Station4 1 Matches
19. ELLIOT PLEDGERBillingham The Merlin F.C3 1 Matches
20. JAMIE OWENSHardwick Social Club3 Matches
21. JOE POSTHILLHardwick Social Club3 Matches
22. JOHN ALLISONPortrack F.C3 1 Matches
23. JUNIOR MASANDIJFC United3 1 Matches
24. KARL CHARLTONVillage Park Rangers F.C3 1 Matches
25. NATHAN BAYESBillingham The Station3 Matches
26. RYAN CHANBillingham The Merlin F.C3 Matches
27. SONNI COLEMANHardwick Social Club3 Matches
28. STEPHEN PRESTONThornaby Village F.C3 Matches
29. ANTHONY ABLEBillingham The Station2 Matches
30. ANTHONY BELLBillingham The Merlin F.C2 Matches
31. ANTHONY SHAWVillage Park Rangers F.C2 Matches
32. BRADLEY THACHERAYBillingham The Merlin F.C2 Matches
33. CARL STONEHOUSENorton Red Lion F.C2 Matches
34. FAMARA JATTAJFC United2 1 Matches
35. GAVIN SIMCOXNorton George And Dragon2 2 Matches
36. GLENN CORKAINThornaby Oddfellows F.C2 1 Matches
37. ISSA JIBRILJFC United2 Matches
38. JACK FERRELLThornaby Village F.C2 1 Matches
39. JEAN-MARK KOULAJFC United2 Matches
40. JOSH DOWSLANDNorton Red Lion F.C2 1 1 Matches
41. PAUL CLEARYNorton George And Dragon2 Matches
42. STEVEN ROBERTSHardwick Social Club2 Matches
43. ADAM COTTERILLBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
44. ADAM TODDThornaby Oddfellows F.C1 1 Matches
46. ANDREW DINSDALEThornaby Oddfellows F.C1 1 Matches
47. CALLUM MCGURRHardwick Social Club1 Matches
48. CALLUM WESTWOODHardwick Social Club1 Matches
49. CHARLIE GAFFNEYBillingham The Merlin F.C1 1 Matches
50. CHARLIE INMANNorton Red Lion F.C1 Matches
51. CHRISTOPHER DAVIDSONBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
52. DANIEL JONESThornaby Village F.C1 1 Matches
53. DANIEL ROWBOTHAMPortrack F.C1 Matches
54. DAVID ABELBillingham The Station1 Matches
55. DAVID FITTONVillage Park Rangers F.C1 Matches
56. DAVID JOHNSONNorton George And Dragon1 Matches
57. FLORIN CRACIUNJFC United1 Matches
58. GARETH POOLEPortrack F.C1 Matches
59. IAN FAIRLAMBThornaby Village F.C1 Matches
60. JOEL CALLENDERNorton George And Dragon1 Matches
61. JOSH CHAMBERSBillingham The Station1 2 Matches
62. KALLUM HANNAHHardwick Social Club1 Matches
64. LEWIS COLLEYBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
65. MARK BLOWESVillage Park Rangers F.C1 Matches
66. MARK LILLEYBillingham The Station1 Matches
67. MATHEW GARBUTTHardwick Social Club1 Matches
68. MATTHEW BYRNEPortrack F.C1 Matches
69. MIKEY MCGEEBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
70. NATHAN MOHUNNorton George And Dragon1 Matches
71. NATHAN PATTERSONVillage Park Rangers F.C1 Matches
72. PETER MATHEWSBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
73. PHILIP OTELEJFC United1 Matches
74. RICHARD ROBINSONThornaby Oddfellows F.C1 1 Matches
75. RYAN RUDDNorton Red Lion F.C1 Matches
76. SAM FOXTONPortrack F.C1 Matches
77. SCOTT HINENorton George And Dragon1 Matches
78. SEAN GRIFFITHSBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
79. SHANE MITCHELLNorton Red Lion F.C1 Matches
80. WILLIAM MORRISThornaby Village F.C1 Matches
81. YRUS KEHIJFC United1 1 Matches
82. ZAK WRAYBillingham The Merlin F.C1 Matches
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