All Teams MUST be represented at the monthly meetings, this does not have to be the Team Secretary - any member of the Team can attend in his place. If Team Secretary does not attend then they should ensure they get all the information from the representative.

All Registrations and Transfers MUST be completed in
blue or black ink otherwise it will be invalid. The completed form should be sent in with the appropriate fee and a stamped addressed envelope for the relum of the counterfoil.

Please ensure that if signing a player on the day, that they are not currently registered with a Team in this league, also please remember to get it countersigned by the opposing team. If unsure then do not play the concerned but check with the League Secretary after the game. It is your responsibility to ensure registrations and transfers are completed properly.

The HOME Team Secretary is responsible for contacting opponents and the match referee to confirm the fixture before 9 p.m on a Wednesday. Do not leave it until the last minute to confirm your game. If the appointed referee is not contacted then he may be removed from your fixture and appointed to another game, if there are games uncovered. If you do not have a referee appointed then you need to contact the Appointments Secretary to find out if a referee is available, only ring between 6 and 9 p.m on an evening.

The HOME Team Secretary is responsible for informing the League Secretary with the match result on a Sunday. This can be done from any time after the match has finished but must be before 4 p.m. Match Sheets may be posted through the League Secretaries door within the same timescale therefore no phone call is required. All Teams who play in County Cup games MUST also ring the League Secretary with the result again before 4 p.m.

ALL Teams are required to submit a Match Sheet fully completed after the game to arrive at the home of the League Secretary within 48 hours. If you wish to submit a match report (for inclusion in the Evening Gazette Sports) then this must be submitted before 6 p.m on a Tuesday (e-mail is preferred).

The HOME Team is responsible for the payment of the referee. Referee's name MUST be included on the Match Sheet, if you do not know the referee's name (as it may have changed from the original list) then ask the referee to confirm who he is so that his marks can be entered correctly. Do not leave blank or put referee not known on Match Sheet as this is not acceptable.

Payment of fines should be sent through the post, no cash should be sent through the post. All payment should be by cheque or postal order made payable to "STOCKTON SUNDAY FOOTBALL LEAGUE" and endorsed on the back with the senders name and club.. Should any cheque be returned then there would be a 15 Administration Fee administered and added to the original fine. If a receipt is required then a stamped addressed envelope must be included. All fines are to be paid within 14 days as per league rules.

Any Team changing Secretary or Secretary changing address then they must inform the League Secretary and their County Association in writing within seven days.

Disciplinary reports are normally despatched from the Durham County Football Association office the day after they are received. Any Club not in receipt of a sending off or a caution report within TEN days should immediately contact the office. Failure to do so could result in a charge of misconduct against your Club.

All Clubs intending to advertise on their shirts must seek permission from the County Association first. Once permission is granted clubs need not re-apply.

No Club may change its name without the written permission of the County Association. A fee of 20 must accompany all applications. NO CLUB MAY CHANGE ITS NAME AFTER 15th JULY IN ANY SEASON.


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North Riding County Football Association
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