Presentation Night 2011
Photographs from the 2011/2012 Presentation Night (click on thumbnail to view full size)
Div Prem Winners

Premier Division winners

Div Prem Rup

Premier Division Runners up

POY Premier

Premier Division Player of the Year

Div 1 Winners

Division 1 winners

Div 1 Rup

Division 1 runners up

Div2 Winners

Division 2 winners

Div 2 Rup

Division 2 Runners up

POY Div2

Division 2 Player of the Year

Good Conduct win

Good Conduct winners

Good Conduct Rup

Good Conduct runners up

Good Conduct 3rd

Good Conduct 3rd place


Ian Gorman Trophy winners


Stephen Wells Trophy winners


Sportsmanship Award


Team of the Month

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